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    Human defense is an important security project of our company, it refers to the customer's request, providing security services for guards, patrol, anti-theft protection, etc. In order to improve the service grade, the company also launched the creation of "boutique security points" and a comprehensive supporting security service integrating human defense, technical defense, and dog defense, and it is well received by the user units.
    Office Security
    Lujiazui Finance Building
    Zhonghuan International Building
    Wenhui Xinmin Building
    Changfeng International Building
    Pacific Insurance Headquarters Building
    Yinzhou International Building
    Office security can be broken down into two main areas: 1) protecting your office and employees from vandalism, theft, and personal attacks; and 2) protecting your office from corporate sabotage, both from inside the company and out. The first area deals more with the actual office itself—its layout, the use of security guards, alarm systems, and so on. The second area is primarily concerned with protecting a firm's intellectual property through the introduction and utilization of such measures as shredders, computer security, and employee surveillance.
    Office security is an issue for every business, no matter the size. There are many steps that can be taken to improve security, many of which require relatively inexpensive outlays. To find out what is best for his or her company, a small business owner should hire a security consultant to visit the business premises and conduct a thorough security analysis. This review can identify weak spots and provide a clear plan for upgrading security.
    The best place to start when examining office security is the physical layout of the office itself, or the layout of the larger building of which the office is a part. Office design should stress wide, open areas with clear sight lines. Hallways and offices should be open and have no nooks or crannies where an intruder could hide in the shadows. All areas should be well lit, especially after hours when employees might be working alone or in small groups. Mirrors in stairwells and inside and outside of elevators allow employees to see around corners or past obstructions.Manpower Prevention company

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