Ritualized Abuse and ritualized violence is real in Germany and globally (see attachments in German to this post from Jesuit-magazine "Stimmen der Zeit" in German: Martina Rudolph & Deutschlandfunk & Welt)

In order to commit ritualized abuse of children, a tough organization is needed to avoid prosecution.

Opus Dei has a long history of kidnapping hundred thousands of babies (for ca. 40 years, 1950 until the end of the 1980s).

See sources:

The official abuse officer of Opus Dei, Dr. Cesar Martinez, is accused of not working at all to detect abuse, see:

It is likely that Opus Dei is involved in ritualized abuse of children today.

Opus Dei provides potentially the means to commit ritualized abuse of children.

We will investigate if ritualized abuse of children is organized by Opus Dei and other groups.

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