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Andreas Temme – a Verfassungsschutz agent on a terrorist murder scene walks free

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  • Andreas Temme – a Verfassungsschutz agent on a terrorist murder scene walks free

    The Verfassungsschutz agent Andreas Temme was on the terrorist murder scene of the NSU in an internet cafe when Halit Yozgat was murdered.

    He claimed he was there to browse on dating portals to cheat on his partner.

    It is obvious that this is a lie – everyone can download Tinder or browse on the mobile phone to cheat on his/her partner.

    He, Andreas Temme, was on that murder scene – in that internet cafe – because he coordinated the NSU terror group.

    We need to investigate the involvement of the Verfassungsschutz in terrorism in Germany and prosecute Andreas Temme.


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    Personally, i believe that parts of the Verfassungsschutz are involved in criminal activities such as supporting terrorists and other crimes, even such crimes as pedophelia ormaybe even murder. I am afraid of them. There are so many strange circumstances around the NSU complex that can´t be by coincidence, for instance the many dead witness, just as in the case of the Dutroux network. Even the given fact that i can not prove this, of course, i believe that the Verfassungsschutz shouldbe able to discover Pedophilia networks, according to its possibillities, but nothing happens. The only thing that happens is the swapping of DNA proofs and traces. All these organized crimes like Dutroux, NSU, Lügde, and so on only were covered up by chance, resulting in many dead witness. For the peace of all these disappeared and surely murdered children and their tortured families, i definitely wish by heart that the perpetrators will be covered up. It is my personal opinion, that these pedophile groups exist and that they use mentally disabled persons as their tool for they never can be accused for their evil deeds by law. Nothing ofmy opinion is proofable,of course.


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